Brock University Tomlinson Entrance International Scholarships in Canada 2022-2023

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Brock University Tomlinson Admission International Scholarship in Canada 2022-2023

A scholarship provides financial aid to a great extent. The scholarship amount offered by various institutions helps the needy students to meet the huge amount of expenses required to continue the higher education. Unfortunately, students who lack this financial backup often drop out of education and engage themselves only in part-time jobs. It affects not only them but the whole world. As such students leave the world of education, the future of the world becomes more gloomy and bleak.

Students who have exceptional academic performance and have the urge to study further should get the help of scholarship. Students who have excellent academic achievements but face financial troubles to continue their higher education can apply for Brock University Tomlinson Entrance International Scholarship in Canada 2022-2023. This scholarship is applicable to students pursuing a degree in Mathematics or Science.


Full details of Brock University

Established in 1964, Brock University is one of the best universities in Canada and has even secured a rank of 1204 in the list of best global universities in the world. The quality of education offered here is beyond appraisal as is the excellence of the teaching staff in the fields of research, creativity and innovation.

Students seeking a degree in Canada can enroll themselves at Brock University. Students aspiring to have incredible career prospects after completing their degree must pursue their higher education in this university.

Complete Details About Tomlinson Entrance International Scholarship in Canada 2022-2023

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Get full details about the scholarships offered by Brock University.

  • What is the name of the institution providing the scholarship? Brock University
  • Which departments are eligible to appeal for the scholarship? Students of the Department of Mathematics and Science can avail the facility of this scholarship
  • What is the degree course eligible to petition for scholarship? Students pursuing graduation course can appeal for scholarship
  • What is the mode of applying for the scholarship? Students can apply for the scholarship through the online portal provided by the university
  • What is the exact number of scholarships to be distributed? not known
  • Can accepted candidates be awarded the scholarship? Students who are accepted for the scholarship will be able to get it in Canada

How can a candidate be eligible for Brock University Tomlinson Entrance International Scholarship in Canada 2022-2023?

These are certain eligibility criteria that every candidate needs to match in order to crack the scholarship.

  • Students from any country in the world can apply for the scholarship
  • Candidate applying for the scholarship must be an international student
  • 85% of the academic score is mandatory for the students to get the scholarship
  • Every interested applicant must match Requirements for admission determined by the university
  • list of english proficiency test Which every applicant needs to take:
  1. CAEL – Minimum score of 60 is mandatory
  2. IELTS – Minimum score of 6.5 is mandatory
  3. TOEFL – Minimum score of 80 required
  4. CAEL CE – Minimum score of 60 is mandatory
  5. Can test for scholars and apprentices – a minimum score of 4.5 is mandatory
  6. PTE Academics – Minimum score of 60 is mandatory
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How to Apply for Brock University Tomlinson Entrance International Scholarship in Canada 2022-2023

Candidates wishing to apply for the scholarship programs must follow the following instructions:

  • Interested candidates should first take admission in Brock University Bachelor of Mathematics program through the link given below
  • Candidates seeking admission in the university can proceed with their application form for the scholarship
  • The supporting documents which are mandatory to be awarded the scholarship are:
  1. Scanned academic transcripts of students are mandatory to be approved for the scholarship
  2. Curriculum biography of the interested candidates is mandatory
  3. The result of the language test marks awarded by the university is mandatory
  4. Candidates wishing to petition for the scholarship must compulsorily have two academic references.

What is the deadline for this application that needs to be maintained?

Brock University Tomlinson Entrance International Scholarship in Canada 2022-2023 is not started keeping in mind the welfare of financially sound students.

Students in need of this opportunity should submit their application form online before 1st June 2022.

Know the Value of Tomlinson Entrance International Scholarship in Canada 2022-2023

Brock University students can look at scholarships offered by the university to support students with financial stress.

The value of this scholarship is up to $5,550.00. This amount is applicable for the first year of study in Canada.

final thoughts

Students are the basic brick in building a healthy and prosperous new society. However, due to some financial restrictions, many students avoid pursuing their educational career.

Brock University Tomlinson Entrance International Scholarship 2022-2023 in Canada is a remarkable opportunity for such students to continue their higher education. The complete details about the scholarships provided by BRIC University are mentioned above.

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