Canada Government Jobs For Immigrants

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Company Type: non profit, Shape: 250+ Employees name of the company: Government of Canada, industry: bpo Here, with Canada jobs here being updated regularly, you can search and find your desired position matching your search for Canada government jobs.

Occupation Average Annual Salary (CAD)

Registered or Licensed Practical Nurse $76,342 – $129,781, Long Haul Truck Driver $44,850 – $75,770, Welder $40,938 – $69,595, Industrial Electrician $49,334 – $81,491, Aerospace Engineer $89,700 – $152,490, Software Engineer $92,408 – $157,97,165, $47,736 – $47,736 – Psychological Instructor – $130,932, Aircraft Pilot $66110 – $112,387, Early Childhood Teacher $33,150 – $45,884, Chef or Cook $25,350 – $59,670, Farm Worker $22,620 – $35,687 , Pipefitter $63,239 – $87,828, Pharmacist $76,342 – $77,757 – $129,781, Construction Estimator $132,388 please pay attention: We would like to reiterate that we are not an employment agency. Therefore, we will not be able to act as a middle man between employers and employees in Canada. However, we provide the latest job opportunities for expatriates and foreigners alike. Also, the use of our website is completely free, so don’t miss out on any information about how to apply or pay the amount to get the job. Applying for your chosen Canadian government job is free of charge. $42,500 – $143,800 per year. These jobs are located across Canada in different communities like Toronto, Montreal, Nunavut area, et cetera.

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