How to Delete 16 Personalities Account – Cancel 16 Personalities Permanently

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How to delete 16 personality account

are you tired of using 16 personality And want to cancel (close) or deactivate your account as a result?


If above is the situation then don’t worry because here is the right place where you can learn how to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account.

There are many reasons why you 16 personality Between them all is email spamming by the account company.

Meanwhile, 16 Personality is an online questionnaire portal that lets its registered users take personality-based tests. The online portal provides the option to create or edit account information, browse and edit personality questionnaires, and take personality tests.

how to delete 16 personality account

There are three methods to request for deletion or deactivation of your account from their database which are given below:-

How to delete account by sending email

Follow these steps given below:

step 1: Log in to the email account you used to register for the App or Website.

step 2: Write an email now and address it [email protected]

step 3: Type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” in the subject line.

step 4: Send them an email asking them to delete all your information, if any, associated with them and to delete your account from their database.

is here pattern how to write this type of email

how to deactivate your account

1. Go to 16 and login with your account

2. Now Click on Setting Tab

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3. Click on the Security tab given in the left column

4. Select the option Deactivate your account and follow the steps to deactivate the account

delete account permanently

1. Go to the following URL account

2. Then click on delete my account

3. Follow the steps to delete your account.

Comment : It will take 90 days to permanently delete your account 16 personality. During that time Instagram is inaccessible, you cannot recover your account once the deletion process is complete.

for more information 16 How To Eliminate Personalities accountStay updated on this website.


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