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Naija news reporters is a thriving program that is developing every day. It’s a free program that allows anyone to make money for themselves, using just a smartphone anytime it suits them.

Right here in Naija news reporters, we are proud to tell you that our program is 100 percent free!!, so you do not have to pay a single dime to get started.

Our goal is to get just anyone with a smartphone the ability to make money online for themselves for 100% free, The more active you are on the website equals the amount of money you can make, so everything now is just up to you and how much money do you want, take you time and make it.

Who can join Naija News Reporters?

Anyone can join the Naija news reporters reward program, even if you are a stay-at-home mum, student, or you are just at home looking for a legit way of making money online for yourself using just your smartphone.  just complete activities on our website and start earning.

Our only aim is to reduce the amount of joblessness and give people who have simple things such as smartphones an opportunity to make money like people who work a full-time job you can also catch on to the latest news and trends from the comfort of your home.



Is Naija News Reporters legit?

A fake website collects money from you before you can register, we did not take a dime from you? so there is no need to overthink it, we are 100% real and legit and we intend to keep it so. just register and make how much you want.



How much you can make?

Once you have registered you can be made from 10K to 25k consistently on Naija news reporters all for FREE!!!.



How to Earn money?

Naija news reporters are the only news reporters you need for your financial breakthrough, we are here to stay, and how the goal is the provide a way for everyone to make money quickly for themselves, and guess what, it is very easy to make money on Naija news reporters and the only thing you need is just a phone or computer and an internet connection.

We have so many opportunities for you to make money on this website such as:

Affiliate Commission: Once you register you can become an affiliate and share your links on your social media and anyone who joins through your link gets a commission of 200. per every individual, you refer to join the program. If you refer 12 people to join Naija news reporters through your link you make ₦2,400 Daily and ₦72,000  monthly all for Free!!!.



Sponsored Post:  You can also get paid to share posts on your social media profile like Facebook and whats App status and earn up to ₦100 per post you share on Facebook.

Registration: is completely Free!!!

Affiliate commission: ₦200

Day-to-day Login: ₦100

Viewing post: ₦3

Commenting: ₦3

Sponsored post: ₦100

Referral is optional



How and when can you withdraw from Naija news reporters.

Withdrawing from Naija news reporters is very easy, you can participate in our program  for free so to withdraw so have chosen two ways of either by

1. An affiliate (you refer individuals for free with your unique referral link)
2. News or Activity Earnings ( you perform regular activities  on Naija news reporters, a referral isn’t mandatory)

Affiliates With at least N10,000 affiliate earnings can demand their withdrawal once it is the 30th of the month

Activity Earners With At least N15,000 are qualified to withdraw their earnings once every first of every new month.

Note – You can Both be an affiliate and an activity worker, payment upon withdrawal would be settled to your Bank Account in no time.



How do We pay?

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Usdt (Coming Soon)

This is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

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