Subscription Services That Make Your Life Easier

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Our life is busy. Juggling work, friends, family, pets, and other responsibilities means you have a lot to think about. Subscription or delivery services can help reduce everyday stress. There are meal planning services that send ingredients and recipes to your doorstep, beauty boxes that send curated items for your self-care routine, and more. Below you will find a range of such subscription services to help make your life easier.


What is subscription service?

A subscription service is a business model in which a customer pays on a regular basis for automatic access to a service or product. Some subscription services operate weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and even annually, and you can usually choose which frequency works best for your needs.

One benefit of subscription services is how they can free you from planning and thinking about tasks that are usually required. For example, you can pay for a subscription service of shampoo and conditioner, so every three months, two new bottles are delivered to your door without you even having to think about it.

Food subscription services to beat the heat in the kitchen

For many people, cooking for themselves at home is a big challenge. When you already have a lot on your plate (pun intended), it can be challenging to summon the inspiration to plan meals, find recipes, get groceries, and make dinner. Food subscription services can help ease the load when it comes to mealtimes.


Meal Subscription Services

The meal delivery market has exploded in recent years as people discover the benefits of food prep tips and meal planning assistance. The features of meal subscription services can vary from business to business, but generally you are able to choose your meals on a weekly basis from a variety of cuisines and cuisines.

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There are usually recipes that cater to all types of diets, including low-carb, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. You can also choose the number of recipes that best suits you and your home. Then the ingredients and a recipe card – or a fully prepared dish – can be delivered straight to your door. If you generally don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen or you don’t often have much time to become familiar with cooking, you can choose recipes based on your skills and schedule. Some subscriptions also offer healthy snacks to eat between meals. Some popular meal subscription services include Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Blue Apron, and Green Chef.

Coffee Subscription Services

If there’s one thing you don’t want to live without, it’s coffee. Having a coffee subscription service can be a great way to make sure you always have fresh beans or grounds in your pantry. Or, if you’re a coffee connoisseur, this can be a fun way to try new flavors. Whether you’re new to the daily grind or a longtime brewer, there’s a coffee subscription service for you.

Another advantage of coffee subscription services is the information and background you can get about the coffee you order. This usually includes information about sourcing, flavors, brewing tips, and more. Some popular coffee subscription services include Tread, Atlas Coffee Club, Driftaway, and Counter Culture.

Subscription Services to Make Self-Care Easier

The great thing about subscription services is that they don’t have to be the only business. The feature could account for more than just checking off tasks like shopping for groceries and planning meals. There’s also a plethora of subscription services that cater to self-care and your hobbies.

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flower subscription services

Nothing brightens up a room like a bouquet of fresh flowers. To help you keep your vases full, there are many flower subscription services. These services allow you to choose the bouquets you want and how often you want them, and some allow you to choose based on your preferences and tastes. Some services focus on traditional bouquets, others on single-flower arrangements and still others on ethical sourcing and sustainable packaging. Popular flower subscription services include Urban Stems, Flowerbox, Farmgirl Flowers, and Bloomsybox.

book subscription services

If your bedtime routine includes cuddling up with a good read, a book subscription service may be for you. No need to worry about letting a stranger (or an algorithm) choose a book for you, as there are a variety of book subscription services for every type of reader. For those with an e-reader, subscription services can act like a cross between a library and a streaming service. You can borrow as many thousands of digital books as you want while paying a monthly fee.

There are also services for those who like the feel of a book in their hands. Some operate like a book club within a chosen genre or subject, and everyone reads the same book and then discusses it in an online community. Or there’s a subscription service that will suggest five books at the beginning of the month and then send you one of your favorites. There are even book subscription services with specific themes like feminist books or brand-new releases. Some popular book subscription services include Book of the Month, Literati, Kindle Unlimited, and Cratejoy.

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Subscription Services vs Streaming Services

A subscription service can be confused with a streaming service, but there is a difference. A streaming service that delivers digital movies, podcasts and audio books, and more multimedia to your device. Streaming services often operate with a subscription model, where you pay a fee over a certain period of time (often monthly) and get access to the media. On the other hand, a subscription service is colloquially associated with receiving something physically in the mail.

Streaming Subscription Services to Make Entertaining Easier

There are lots of uses for streaming subscription services to make your life easier. You can host a movie night with access to the vast movie libraries of Netflix, Hulu or HBO Max. With a wide variety of options, you’ll have the best chance of finding something that everyone in the group will enjoy. If you’re having friends over for a party, using Spotify Premium or Apple Music gives you access to millions of songs to listen to. It’s also great for long road trips, as you’ll have access to plenty of podcasts to help pass the time.

what’s more

No matter what you’re looking for to make your life a little easier, there’s a good chance there’s a subscription service out there for you. Whether you need help in the kitchen, a new book recommendation, or just love keeping fresh flowers in the house, subscription services can help you meet your goals.


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