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According to a United States Department of Education’s 2015 Open Doors Report, “the average net tuition cost of attending a four-year public university was $9,139 in 2015–16.” As college costs continue to rise, most students and their families face tough decisions on whether to incur additional debt or make other sacrifices. An ever-growing population of student veterans poses a special challenge.

Those who choose to complete their education are forced to work even harder in order to stay on track with the completion of their degree, which, according to the Center for the Study of Veterans and Military Families, results in average debt loads ranging from $14,250 to $40,150 for those with Bachelor’s degrees.

One key solution is an enhanced sense of support among veteran students. With access to relevant services and other forms of assistance, they can enjoy higher graduation rates and higher rates of employment after graduation. A common denominator among many successful veteran programs is that they all start by establishing relationships between students and staff that will encourage successful outcomes.

Veteran Student Success (VSS) at Purdue University provides a robust online experience that brings together the best resources available for veterans, making it easy for them to find what they need and overcome any challenges they may face.

To put it simply, scholarship programs like the Fulbright Program, USA Study, and Science and Engineering Student Exchange Programs (SES) are “are targeted towards US students with excellent academic and personal achievements” who wish to gain practical knowledge about a particular field.



It Is a common misconception that most of these programs are reserved for international students. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case. However, even if they aren’t aimed at international students, there are many options that provide full scholarships for US students as well. In fact, you’ll often find scholarships listed on many student-facing websites such as and Scholarship Village.

List of Scholarships in the USA

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

The Foreign Fulbright Student Program is awarded to international students who intend to further their education in masters or Ph.D. The scholarship scheme covers tuition fees, travel expenses, cost of living, health insurance, and textbooks.

Japan Exchange & Visitor Program

Scholarships such as the Japan Exchange & Visitor Program also have very competitive criteria for scholarship awards. If you have completed your undergraduate degree in the USA, then you might be eligible for some full or partial scholarships from this program. These include merit-based scholarships that cover travel expenses and research or internship funding.

Hakurei Cultural Exchange Fellowship

A few American colleges offer cultural exchange fellowships that enable foreign students to participate in study abroad programs at their respective institutions. For example, students from Australia can receive funding to travel to America for their master’s degree in business management at Georgetown University. Likewise, a Taiwanese student can take part in a six-week summer exchange program at Princeton University in New Jersey.

Although not fully funded, this fellowship will provide an English teacher and a small monthly stipend to participants. Such opportunities enable international students to explore new areas of interest while strengthening their existing academic backgrounds. Furthermore, cultural exchange fellowships give participants the chance to improve their overall communication skills.

ACI Foundation Scholarship/Fellowship for International Students

If you are seeking to study in the United States with a fully-funded scholarship, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to grab. The ACI Foundation Scholarship for international students is presently open. We will briefly explain everything you need to know ranging from the scholarship worth, eligibility criteria and the method of application.

The ACI Foundation Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship or fellowship for international students. This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate, master, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral students. This scholarship offers about $10,000 to $15,000 US educational stipend for tuition, residence, books, and materials.

The ACI Foundation is a non-profit organization set up by the American Concrete Institute to support advancement, innovation, and cooperation through support for studies and scholarships, while also serving as an autonomous resource to provide thoughtful management and strategic direction to the concrete sector.

Based on essays, submitted information, and endorsements, the ACI Foundation Scholarship Council will pick scholarship recipients and fellowship recipients who appear to have the greatest mixture of interest and potential for professional achievement in the specific sector.

Brief Description of the ACI Foundation Scholarship for International Students

Scholarship Location: The United States

Scholarship Host: ACI Foundation

Level of Study: Undergraduate / Masters / PhD / Postdoctoral

Scholarship Duration: Eligible applicants are eligible to apply and compete for these awards on a year-to-year basis, but must reapply every year, so long as they are still eligible.

Worth of Scholarship: Check Below

Scholarship Application Deadline: November 2, 2022

Worth of the ACI Foundation Scholarship/Fellowship for International Students

Below are the worth of the ACI Foundation scholarships/Fellowship for international students:

  • $10,000 – $15,000 US educational stipend for tuition, residence, books, and materials;
  • Paid travel expenses and attendance fees to two ACI conventions (fellowship finalists must attend the Spring ACI Convention to be interviewed where they have the option of being assigned a Convention Guide);
  • Assistance in finding an industry mentor

Eligibility Criteria for the ACI Foundation Scholarship/Fellowship for International Students

Below are the eligibility criteria for the ACI Foundation Scholarships, all applicants must meet the following requirements: 

  • The English language is the required language: If English is not your native language, a written statement must be attached to the application attesting this proficiency.
  • All world countries are eligible
    • ACI Foundation Fellowships can be awarded to anyone in the world; however, you must attend a university in the Gulf Cooperation Council region during the award year (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates).
  • ACI Foundation fellowships can be offered to international students; however, you must attend the U.S. or Canadian institution during the award cycle.
  • Some of the fellowships expect the awardee to complete a 10 to a 12-week internship during the summer of 2023.
  • Those applicants chosen as a finalist for an ACI Foundation fellowship will be notified by February 2023 and must be available to attend an interview with the Scholarship Council by March 2023, at the spring ACI Concrete Convention. ACI Foundation will pay for the flight, hotel, registration, and will include a travel stipend.
  • All applicants must be proficient in the English language. If English is not your native language, you can upload a copy of your TOEFL score to your application. This is optional and not an eligibility requirement.
  • The educational stipend is paid in two equal instalments over the course of one year directly to the student to cover expenses related to tuition, room and board, books, student fees, etc. Receipt of stipends is contingent upon attendance at scheduled ACI Concrete Conventions during the award cycle
  • Fellowship awardees are expected to submit a written report near the end of their fellowship period describing the value of the fellowship to their personal development and to their preparation for their chosen career after graduation.
  • For more information click here

Method of Application for the ACI Foundation Scholarship/Fellowship for International Students

  • All applicants are to submit their ACI Foundation Fellowship and Scholarship Program application here.
  • All applicants are to submit their ACI Foundation Middle East & North Africa Fellowship application here 

Stanford University Scholarships (Fully Funded) for International Students

The Stanford University Scholarships are fully funded scholarships for international students. These scholarships are awarded to Masters and Ph.D. students. These scholarships cover full tuition fees, traveling allowance, Living allowance, and academic expenses.

One of the best scholarship programs in the world is Knight-Hennesy Scholars. This program is intended to attract the most promising future leaders from all disciplines and geographies to Stanford University. With this program, you will be able to engage in multidisciplinary education, leadership development, and achieving a global perspective.

Stanford University was established in 1885 by California senator Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane. The university was created to “promote the public welfare by exercising an influence on behalf of humanity and civilization”. It is a place for learning, discovery, innovation, expression, and discourse. Stanford has changed with the world over the last 125+ years, often leading the way with new ideas and discoveries. Stanford University is one of the world’s top universities. Stanford University is ranked #2 in QS World Universities Ranking 2019 by Top Universities. Stanford University is Offering 100 Fully Funded Scholarships for International Students to study Masters, Ph.D., MS, MBA, MFA, MD, JD degrees.

Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Program in the United States is a top program that attracts talents. They curate a multidisciplinary community of scholars, offer a platform for purposeful leadership development, and empower you to effect large-scale positive impact in the world. The Knight-Hennessy Scholars admission process is created with the objective of enabling you to know yourself better, enabling us to understand you, and empowering you to make your best case for admission – all while making the admission process itself a great experience for you. We expect that over time about one-third of our scholars will be from the U.S., and about two-thirds will be from countries outside the U.S. Those numbers will fluctuate from year to year, since our goal is to admit the world’s very best students, regardless of location.

Brief Description of the Stanford University Scholarship for International Students



Location of Scholarship: United States

Scholarship Host: Stanford University 

Level of Study: Masters and PhD

Scholarship Focus Areas: Scholarships are available to pursue Graduate (PhD) degree programs in arts, engineering, education, humanities, or social sciences to professional degrees in business, law, or medicine. Visit here to find all the available programs.

Worth of Scholarships: See Below

Program Duration: The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program funds up to the first three years of your graduate education, and if your degree program exceeds three years — such as an MD or Ph.D. program, or a Stanford dual- or joint-degree program — then your Stanford home department will fund the remainder of your education to the extent consistent with its standard funding commitment for that program.

Scholarship Deadline: October 06, 2022. Click here for more information

Worth of the Stanford University Scholarship

  • A travel stipend that is meant to cover an economy-class ticket for one annual trip to and from Stanford.
  • Living stipend and academic expenses (which include room and board, books, academic supplies, instructional materials, local transportation, and reasonable personal expenses).
  • A fellowship applied directly to cover tuition (that matches with the standard departmental level of enrollment) and other fees.
  • Note that the Knight-Hennessy Scholars program normally does not cover costs that your home department at Stanford pays for its students which include for subscriptions or lab equipment.
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Eligibility Criteria for Stanford University Scholarships 

Below are eligibility criteria: 

  • English will be required 
  • Eligible Countries:All world countries can apply for Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program
  • Applicants are eligible to apply if you apply within four years and enrol within five years, after you earn your first/bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants must have first-step mental sharpness, seek out knowledge and new experiences, full of original ideas, make sense of ambiguous situations and can hold a contrarian or dissenting point of view.
  • Applicants must complete not only your Knight-Hennessy Scholars application but also the entire application process including any standardised test that your graduate degree program requires (GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, etc.) and if needed, an English proficiency test.
  • Applicants must be ambitious, in the best sense of the word, driven to improve self, willing to take risks. Self-aware and persists and bounces back from adversity. Personally humble and kind, inclusive respects difference, concerned for and helpful to others and Low ego.
  • Applicants must be fluent in English — listening, reading, speaking, and writing — to study at Stanford. The minimum TOEFL score for most graduate programs at Stanford is 100iBT or 600PBT. All Stanford graduate degree programs accept the TOEFL, and the MBA Program also accepts the IELTS and PTE. You can know more about scores here.
  • Additionally, you must apply to be accepted by, and enrol in a full-time Stanford graduate degree program. Each incoming Knight-Hennessy Scholar must be a newly enrolling student in a Stanford graduate program including, but not limited to, DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MPP, MS, or PhD programs. There are no quotas by discipline or program. Note that we will give priority consideration to those who will spend at least two years studying at Stanford. 

To know about Stanford University Scholarships and how to apply, visit the official website below: 

Official Website

Yale University Scholarships for International Students

Yale University Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is awarded for undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. students. Yale Scholarship can vary from a few hundred dollars to over $70,000 per year; the average Yale need-based scholarship is over $50,000.

Yale University is one of the United States’ greatest universities and it is also part of the Ivy League Schools. The Ivy League schools are known and associated with prestige and academic excellence. Many high school students dream to study at Ivy League schools because professional success is almost guaranteed by studying at these universities.

Yale University is the third oldest university in the US and was established in 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut. It was initially established as a school to educate the clergy but was later changed to teach many other fields of study. Numerous students have graduated from Yale such as Nobel Laureates, Supreme Court Justices, US Presidents, and Rhodes Scholars.

Yale University is ranked among the top universities in the world because of its academic brilliance. This university stands at 15th in the world by top Universities and 3rd in the US by the US News because of its prestige and excellent academic standard.

Yale University provides varieties of scholarships in the form of financial aid. Approximately 63% of undergraduate students, including international, received financial aid. For graduate scholarships, students have to apply to the departments of their choice because funding policies are different for each department. Graduate funding is determined by individual departments, not the university.

For Ph.D. students, fully funded scholarships are very common. Every student at least receives scholarships that cover full-tuition scholarships, hospitalization fellowships, and an annual stipend.

Brief Summary of the Yale University Scholarships for International Students

Scholarship Location: United States

Scholarship Host: Yale University

Level of study: Undergraduate, Master, and PhD

Duration of program: The program period depends on the chosen Program from 2 to 5 Academic Years.

Scholarship Focus Area:

  • To view the full list of undergraduate majors, click here.
  • To view  the full list of graduate majors, click here

Scholarship Application Deadline: Click here for undergraduate deadlines / Click here for graduate deadlines

Eligibility Criteria for the Yale University Scholarship for International Students

Below are the eligibility criteria for Yale University Scholarships:

  • English is the required language.
    • TOEFL scores of at least the following:
      • 100 on the internet-based TOEFL
      • 600 on the paper-based TOEFL
      • 250 on the computer-based TOEFL
    • IELTS scores of 7 or higher and Pearson Test scores of 70 or higher.
      • For more information, check here.
  • All Countries are eligible
  • You are enrolled in or eligible to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program (FRPL).
  • You have received or are eligible to receive an ACT or SAT testing fee waiver.
  • You are enrolled in a federal, state, or local program that aids students from low-income families (e.g., TRIO programs such as Upward Bound).
  • You are a ward of the state or an orphan.
  • Your annual family income falls within the Income Eligibility Guidelines set by the USDA Food and Nutrition Service.
  • You live in a federally subsidised public housing, a foster home or are homeless.
  • Your family receives public assistance.
  • You can provide a supporting statement from a school official, college access counsellor, financial aid officer, or community leader.

Worth of the Yale University Scholarship

  • Yale University scholarship is offered to cover 100% of the financial need demonstrated by the family.
  • They take into account your parent’s income, assets, and finances to determine your scholarship amount.
  • The Yale Scholarship can differ from a few hundred dollars to over $70,000 per year; the average Yale need-based scholarship is over $50,000.
  • Additionally, students whose parents earn less than 65,000$ a year do not pay anything! So if your parents earn less than 65,000$ a year, Yale University scholarship covers everything like tuition, accommodation and board!

Method of Application for the Yale University Scholarship 

Below are the steps on how to apply for Yale University Scholarship

  • For Undergraduate students, click here to apply.
  • For graduate students. Please apply through choosing the appropriate program from here.
  • You will get an email for acceptance or rejection.

For more information and how to apply, visit the official website:

Official Website

Fulbright Foreign Student Program in the United States

Fulbright Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is awarded only to master and Ph.D. studies in the field of all subjects taught at USA Universities. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program covers a lot of things ranging from tuition fees, living stipend, full accommodation fee, airfare, and health insurance. Fulbright Foreign Student Scholarship Program is open for International Students from 155 countries.

The Fulbright scholarships are awarded by the United States Department of State, it is the U.S. government’s flagship international educational exchange program and is created and aimed to support mutual understanding among countries through educational and cultural exchange. All Foreign Student Program applications are processed by these offices mentioned above. The scholarships are awarded irrespective of the applicant’s race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, socio-economic status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

The Fulbright Foreign Student Program assists graduate students, young professionals, and artists, from abroad to study and conduct research in the United States. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program operates in more than 160 countries worldwide. about 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright scholarships annually. The Fulbright scholarships program’s objectives are to provide opportunities to various groups of people in the United States institutions of learning. The scholarships are offered to people from economically disadvantaged groups, minorities, and those from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds.

Brief Summary of the Fulbright Foreign Student Program in the United States

Scholarship Location: United States of America

Level of Study: Master and PhD

Institution(s): USA Universities and Academic Institutions

Scholarship Host: Fulbright Commissions/Foundations or U.S. Embassies

Courses Offered: All fields, including interdisciplinary courses offered at the United States institution.

Length of Program: This is based on the selected program.

Scholarship Deadline: Deadline varies per country (Feb. to Oct. annually)

Worth of Scholarship: See Below

Worth of the Fulbright Scholarship for International Student

The Fulbright Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship and offers the following benefits: 

  • Scholarships cover tuition fee
  • Scholarships cover AirFare
  • Scholarships cover a living stipend 
  • Scholarships cover health insurance and others

Visit the official website and country-specific websites to know the full worth of the Fulbright scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria Fulbright Scholarship

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria to take part in the scholarship and they are: 

  • Required Language: English
  • Eligible Countries: International students from 155 countries around the world.
  • Program eligibility and selection procedures vary widely by country.
  • Please see the country-specific websites to find information about the Fulbright Program in your home country, including eligibility requirements and application guidelines.
  • Note that, if your country is not listed there, you are not eligible to apply.

Method of Application for the Fulbright Scholarship for International Student

Below are the application procedures to apply for the Fulbright scholarship:

To apply to the Fulbright program you need to prepare a variety of materials to assist the USEFP to assess your eligibility. All materials must be submitted with your application.

  • Prepare Academic Transcripts and Degrees

All transcripts and degrees from a 4-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent – equivalent programs include international three-year bachelor programs or ACCA. PhD applicants must also submit their MPhil or MS degrees and transcripts. You can also apply while in your final year of undergraduate studies provided that you get your degree by December this year.

  • Undergo a GRE General Test and TOFEL

When submitting your application, you may report the unofficial GRE score given on the day of the test, or your official score if you have received it. Every applicant must request that ETS send an official score report directly to USEFP using the code 9388.

Two essays are required for the Fulbright application. Each essay must be written in the space provided in the application form, which approximates 800 words. It is advisable you take time to write, while you perfect your essay writing. 

  • Recommendations letters are required (3)

You will be required to have three recommendations submitted with your application by the application deadline. You can have 3 academic reference letters, or 2 academic and 1 professional or 2 professional and 1 academic. Note that 1 academic reference letter is a must.

  • An academic Resume will be required
  • Submit your online application and wait for the interview.

For more information, visit the official website of the Fulbright Scholarship:

Official Website


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