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While it may sound like it’s from paranormal territory, there’s nothing scary about a ghost kitchen. Ghost kitchens are essentially restaurants that operate through take-out and delivery only, with no brick-and-mortar presence. Featuring an ever-changing menu, Ghost Kitchen can be a great way to add a little excitement to those nights you don’t feel like cooking.


how ghost kitchen works

So how exactly does Ghost Kitchen work? Ghost kitchens are places for food preparation only. When you come across a ghost kitchen online or in a food delivery app, you probably won’t notice any difference between it and any other restaurant. However, these “restaurants” do not employ servers or hosts and have no dining room or bar.

These kitchens are sometimes shared between multiple restaurants and are often located on the outskirts of the city—there’s no reason to splurge on an expensive downtown storefront if the customers won’t come. Between the smaller staff, shared expenses, and alternative locations, ghost kitchens can provide chefs with the opportunity to offer a creative menu without the overhead costs of owning a real restaurant.

One of the fun things about Ghost Kitchens is the ability to rebrand and change their menu as many times as they want. This increased flexibility to play with the menu means it will reach a wider variety of customers as different menus will appeal to different people. This also means that customers will never be bored.


It’s unclear when exactly ghost kitchens started, but the concept has really taken off over the years as the demand for food delivery service has increased. It’s likely that, as long as delivery apps remain popular and people continue to enjoy take-out, Ghost Kitchens will continue to grow in popularity.

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benefits of ghost kitchen

Ghost Kitchens can be a fun way to enjoy the restaurant scene in your city. Ghost Kitchens exists entirely online, which means rebranding or changing fare is as easy as updating the website. This flexibility allows Ghost Kitchen operators more freedom in what goes on the menu from week to week or even day to day.

You may notice that Ghost Kitchen’s website has several “restaurants” listed as part of its offerings. This is because a ghost kitchen may employ several chefs with different specialties to offer a variety of dishes. They may also employ a pastry chef, which means that instead of three or four desserts to choose from, you’ll have a full menu to satisfy any sweet tooth craving.

In addition to the excitement of a frequently rotating menu and wide range of expertise, dining from a ghost kitchen can be more affordable than at a more traditional restaurant. The lack of storefront and front-of-house costs can mean lower costs for actual menu items.

Having these options at your fingertips and delivered to your doorstep is another great advantage of Ghost Kitchen. You can try different cuisines and menu items from the comfort of your home, created by a restaurant that specializes in delivery by default. You don’t need to change into your pajamas, find a place to park or do any dirty dishes – just order in and enjoy.

how to find a ghost kitchen

Almost as elusive as the paranormal entities they are named for, ghost kitchens can be difficult to find, especially because they aren’t always called ghost kitchens. Other names that refer to the same concept include virtual kitchen, shadow kitchen, and commissary kitchen.

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If you’re itching to try a ghost kitchen in particular, you’ll have to do a little research to find one. It won’t be obvious when you’re scrolling through your take-out app, as there’s usually no distinction between a traditional restaurant and a ghost kitchen on online platforms. Search online for ghost kitchens in your city and look through the results to find one. You may also want to ask your friends and social media audiences if they know of any ghost kitchens that you can try.

Some ghost kitchens only exist within third-party food delivery apps, so that’s where you’ll need to place your order. However, many people also build their own websites to provide the full experience and reduce the fees associated with third-party apps. Once you order online or through the app, all you need to do is provide your address for delivery. However, some Ghost Kitchens offer curbside pickup or take-out. Be sure to check your options before submitting your order.

what’s more

Ghost kitchens are on the rise and can offer a fun way to try many different foods at often lower prices than traditional restaurants. The regularly changing menu will keep you on your toes, while the delivery aspect will keep you within the comfort of your own home.


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